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More places to find Prime software

Apparently, the HP Prime is starting to get software!

There is a specific HP Museum forum, in this URL, where the users post their software. Now, you need to know that HPmuseum, as its name suggests, has been basically geared towards old HP calculators, and preferably pre-RPL too. So HP Prime is several generations newer than the average subject there. However, most of the forum members are science professors, engineers and scientists, so they enjoy programming. Basically, what you can find there is mostly technical and quite advanced - but you can find too several utilities that improve the connectivity with the Prime.

There is a forum specifically for the HP Prime in general, and another one for software in particular.

In the software page you cannot find now a single game - but they will soon appear. There are several programs that use recursivity to calculate several fractal compositions, and several other graphical curiosities, using formulae with fascinating properties when graphed. 

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