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HP Prime

I have now several HP Prime machines. One for each of my sons (one of them using it at full power for engineering at University of Michigan), and several G1 models. I have just opened a G2 unit and updated it to the latest firmware version (20.12.2021)

I will spend some time with it, trying to learn how to program it in Python. I have take a look at the Finance app (remember that I created several finance programs, among them net present value and internal rate of return), and while in the previous firmware there was a single TVM solver, now there is a wealth of applications, including the Time Value of Money of before, but also many others, including clashflow, breakeven, black&scholes and others. You will see some of my explorations in the coming blogs too. (Note: once you click in finance and select what you want to do, you need to go to the Num part, the third key in the second column of the upper part. Then you see all the fillable fields and calculate the ones you have not filled in.)


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