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Black Friday - day one: HP41cv and HP41cx at rock-bottom prices!


As preparation for this “black Friday”, we will start giving low prices for selected items during this whole week.

There are three HP41CV in perfect state at 90€, and there is an HP41CX at 120€, as well in perfect state! Please contact me on the latter, since I have not put the pictures on the web yet (

You know all the craze about the HP41CL. This is the most powerful calculator standing right now - if you take into account the number of ROMs that are included. We find that most of the purchasers of that calculator are old users of hp41c’s. Apparently, theirs died, and/or they lusted for additional ROMs that they never managed to find. Now it is their opportunity: they get a faster calculator, with all the possible memory, and features that no one imagined at that time (the Sandmath series of ROMs, topping with the Sandmath 3x3, come to mind)

But if you’re not ready to DIY, or not willing to shell out 600 € (but having the guarantee of a good calculator, tested and working), you can start again with one of the above: the 3 hp41cv or the one hp41cx. Remember that this latter has the extended memory, extra functions and the embedded time module too!

This offer is exclusive to the EU countries!

Tomorrow we will include more offers!

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