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3D Printing - not good enough!

I have been checking the printed ports that I received this week. Conclusion? If you’re a private user, you can have them - but none of my customers would accept a calculator with one of such ports. I might use these ports for a calculator I’ll give to my son; but even in that case, I would try a more funny color scheme - like yellow. But I don’t plan to use it on my every day calculator

But let’s see the examples in pictures.


It is sturdier than the original model, but not heavier. The level of detail is lower, but this was the way it was created. The color is much blacker, and the fact that the surface is matte makes it much blacker.


Fit in the machine is excellent - if anything better than the original model. It is also more difficult to take it out of the machine - no more accidental fall offs as it happened to me once.


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