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An eventful week

I have received this week information about two new products. Now we are getting more details: suggested retail price, packaging, distribution, number of units to be produced, date of distribution.

Both of them are exciting for a calculator lover - one of them beyond exciting. It will not be the "Costco" kind of product - both of them are intended to be premium items.

As well, one loved product has been discontinued - but not 100%. I will replenish my stocks, since it is one of my best sellers. There'll always be a customer for it.

Information that can be spilled:


  • Premium packaging and cases
  • Fully printed manual
  • high price - but much less than you had imagined
  • Fast !
  • just English version
  • CD with goodies


What - no pictures in my blog? No, this time I can't. 

I await sample units to test. All registered users (registering link on the left of the screen) will be emailed when available

HP's on a roll.

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New products coming

Our contacts in HP have informed us about several new products in the pipeline. There are ultra-new things and some less new (to say the least) in the works. Estimated time of arrival on European shelves is July - maybe announcement will come sooner.

One of the calculator projects will likely sell in the millions (not hundreds of thousands - millions!) but the other will be a limited run of 10000 units - and that's all.

HP revamped their calculator strategy several years ago and allocated resources and clever thinking (not that there wasn't before, but there were fewer persons on it). After a number of years wandering around the world (even ACO: Australian Calculator Operation, of all places), there was a move back to the US, first to San Diego and now to Fort Collins. After several years fearing HP would leave the calculator business completely, I now look forward to a list of new products and exciting projects.

It has been easy to critizice HP for failing to live up to its heritage, but no more. Just wait some months and you'll see.

UPDATE: just look at this:


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