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More on the HP 12c Platinum

I am really impressed with the hp12c Platinum. The units I had been using in the past had clearly a lower quality with respect to the plain hp12c. As I said in the previous blog issue, this is not the case at all. I has been fabricated in the same plant as the other, it shares the same moulds and key mechanisms, and the only difference are the key colors (much more brilliant than the subdued and professional 12c) and the screen (where the numbers are taller and thinner).

I have not run any speed comparison with the 12c. I have not taken with me any plain 12c for the weekend, just my trusty 15c, which is 40% slower than the very fast 12c; and tomorrow morning I will make a very simpler program, that I will let run for a couple of minutes, in order to see how far it counts. Initial tests finding the Interest rate in a TVM problem (which is inherently an iterative process) show that the platinum is indeed an order of magnitude slower than the 12c - at least for that task.


There are several companions in the office that know about my weakness for calculators, and that would like to have a classy one. While the 10bII is fine, much better when it comes to aspect than the 20b and even the 30b, it is no match for a Voyager or a HP17bII when it comes to aspect. But the 17bii, although being the better calculator, is bulky and not so classy. So my companions would like to have a 12c, but are put off by RPN. When they have seen the Platinum, and seen that they may use their (slow, primitive) algebraic entry method, they want one.

I don't want to use algebraic even to go to the bathroom; I am wired in RPN and train to chain calculations in algebraic is a real pain for me; not only a pain but very inefficient. Therefore, I am not the best person to give an opinion about this calculator used in that mode.


You can see now the results of the speed test. As said before, an order of magnitude between both. The ARM-based 12c is even faster. However, these differences are of no importance in the intended use of this calculator, except perhaps in the calculation of long IRRs and interest rates in the TVM type of problems. I will make a comparison of a complex money flow calculation for IRR, since the TVM take anyway less than 2-3 seconds in the worst of cases and therefore not enough for meaningful comparisons.

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Collector's Pack

As many of our visitors are calculator collectors, we have decided to make their hobby easier, by joining all HP calculators in four groups:



We are adding all calculators in each group and reducing their price by 20%. In that way, we increase the size of the sale, and you get a significant discount. In the case of the first of them, the financial pack, you save 97,86 €! (apart from lower shipping costs)

The financial pack is composed of:



HP12c Platinum

HP12c Anniversary




In later days we will complete the offer with the other bundles. I hope you like it!


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