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Working with hours, min and seconds in HP Prime

I was trying to do some hours calculations, in order to add up how many hours have been spent on a project in our business. I was using the HP Prime, and did not feel like looking in the manual for too long. From memory, I did not remember to have seen the HMS-type functions in the manual. How could I do it, then?

There is the º’” key in the first white keys row. When entering the firs number (5h30 min), i just pressed 5 > key > 30 > ENTER, and I have the right number in hoursºmin' on the stack. Then I enter the second number (4h25), like 4 > key > 25, and it shows just right again on the screen. If I just add, then I get the right answer, 9h55. Then, this means that the key works like a help for writing the number. But if I now press again the key, while having the result in the 1st level of the stack, it gets automatically converted to a decimal value. Pressing it again reverts to the hours format. It seems that in this case it is only switching between representations, not really doing any conversion. It is definitely a very clever way of handling deg/min/sec, or for that matter h/min/sec quantities.

Now I need to prepare a couple of programs to handle the date calculations...

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