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Which calculator to take with you on a 2 weeks' holiday?

Leaving for holiday in a beach location. Still some work to do, but having been warned by “home management” that there are lots of things to pack from our children, and therefore I need to “travel light”.

Hearing “travel light” from my wife is at least surprising: she does not know what “travel light” means. My bags will will always be half of her’s - but let’s do the exercise anyway.

Which for the sake of this blog means which calculator(s) to carry with me. I have already decided not to take with me the HP41CL, although is the one I like best. It would be my solitary island choice - but not for a summer travel to a sun and beach destination. Too risky for its high value. So I have left it in Oslo.

I am taking with me the HP Prime. Now the question is whether I should take with me an HP15c - the HP42s suffers the same precautions as the HP41CL.

The main thing against the HP15c is that I will lose 1 hour with it at the beginning. Why? Because it lost all of the programs I wrote in it (235 steps of ugly code to fill in, with a lot of chances of getting some of it wrong). And I am used to my programs when working. I have it anyway on my Iphone.

And why the HP Prime and not the HP50g (with the promised comparison between both)? First, if we have to travel light, the Prime is thin and light. With its plastic cover, is probably the best protected calculator I ever had. What’s more, I can try to use it to get some of my children interested in maths (through calculators)

Then, why not both? That’s a question that I still need to answer to myself. After all, we’re only leaving next wednesday morning!

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Comentarios: 3

José Luis López Moratalla |
Re: Which calculator to take with you on a 2 weeks' holiday?
Happy holidays with the family.
In addition to any HP (15C, 34C, 42S) calculator, I also carry some book of maths of upper secondary school. These books are perfect for me to review the exercises with a HP calc.
Re: Which calculator to take with you on a 2 weeks' holiday?
Nice to hear from you, José Luis. Any new acquisition worth discussing? I look forward to repeat our meetings - but I am working now in Norway...

Best regards,
Alberto Fernández |
Re: Which calculator to take with you on a 2 weeks' holiday?
The one that usually comes with me when travelling is the HP30B, as it is ligth, inexpensive, and easy to replace. Anyway, it is sometimes replaced by the 27S (I'm "re-discovering" it).

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