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Well, I have run out of overlays for HP34s for the first time!

Today I had to return a payment from a customer in the US for a WP34s. For those that have placed an order, do not worry - we are honouring the orders!. 


We have modified the website so that the wp34s cannot be ordered until we have more overlays. Thank you all for your confidence.

SIMPLEX Algorithm and the transport problem

On anothe note: as we are now changing our logistic network completely, I am starting to re-enter in the operational programm, I plan to play ing area - the "transport problem", SIMPLEX, etc. I have found that the HP 50g is exceptionally suited to these programs. Since the number of possible routes is not enormous, we plan to play with it. The savings in the different models tested by hand are very significant - let's see. We're talking about hundreds of thousands. Programming is not 100% deterministic - there are specific customers with specific requirements, phobias, philias, etc.

One thing amazing about linear programming for the HP50g is that most of the software I have found is in Spanish - is there any reason for that? I guess that SIMPLEX algorithm is favoured in Spanish speaking engineering schools, other different algorithms being used in other countries. Can any reader illustrate me on this area?



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