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Unboxing the new HP12c

We are now opening a brand new HP12c unit. We will post some pictures and compare it with the previous iteration.


Packaging is thinner and hence cheaper for shipping. It includes a case behind the quick guides:


The quick guides are multilinguals and foldable, in line with other machines. They show only batteries, statutory information and starting the calculator, and a link to the site with the manuals - really nothing else !! You have access to the complete manual in You really need them: the foldable quick start guide does not even say that HP12c is RPN, nor guides you on the simplest of calculations, let alone give a glimpse of what your machine can do. Download the manual NOW!

The back shows the screw that secures the battery bay cover. I will not sell any other battery cover since they won't be needed !!


Here you have it compared with the previous Philippinean iteration. Main differences are: the bezel is metal (opposed to something that looks a little like metal, but feels like plastic in the previous unit), and there is no "HEWLETT-PACKARD" label in the lower part of the keyboard.


(The right one is the new model). And here, the backs compared (upper old, lower new)


Bonus: comparison between HP12c case (latest) and our own brown true leather case:


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