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Unboxing the new HP10bII+

(note: some pictures will be re-taken with better light)

As it has been said many times, this approach to the HP10b was a complete success. They started with the proven ATMEL ARM-based core used also on the HP12c, and they programmed it from scratch: not just applying a firmware layer on the Saturn emulation core they have used elsewhere, but they created a native firmware. This makes it the fastest HP calculator extant - what a pity that it is not programmable. (The only other drawback that we see in this calculator is that it is NOT rpn: only algebraic and chained).

It has plenty of functions, including some mathematical ones that evaded any other financial calculator so far (bar the HP19bII of 30 years ago): trigonometrics in radians and degrees (including inverse and hyperbolic, in a "tour de force" that no financial used will ever appreciate, as far as I can imagine), permutations and combinations, natural logarithms and e^x, y^x, n!, Pi, and more.

It comes in a blister, inclding a couple of guides for different sets of languages. These sets, while not a guide like it used to be, are far more informative than the very simple page in the new HP12c. At least you get a picture of the calculator and a scheme of the parts of the keyboard. However, there is no excuse for not downloading the full manual.


The back of the blister is also multilingual. The advantage of this packagings is that it is a single one, worldwide. Easier to manage and stock - just one SKU. (By thew way, it also explains what is the license situation of the current calculator line up)


The protective case looks better than the previous model (new: right, old: left). It has volume and a better feel, much like the HP12c's. The previous one looks like pure plastic.


The calculator has a very clear screen:


And finally, the back side with the now-ubiquitous screw securing the battery case:



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