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The Kinomi Project

Today I came across a very interesting project: The Kinome Voyager

It consists in a calculator of the Voyager series enhanced with hardware and memory that allows it to run the firmware of the different Voyager calculators. You can select, with a special switch on procedure, which one will you use. This was done on "normal" voyagers!

Today with the new Voyagers that run the firmware as emulation of the original firmware, in theory it should not be impossible to have several firmwares in the same calculator. You would just need to have a keyboard cover with the right lettering. something like this:





Please click on the "cc" symbol on the lower right to get access to text subtitles that illustrate what the user is doing.

An interesting feature is that each "environment" keeps its memory even when running a different calculator model. 

For more information, please read the following link in

Kinomi Project

Read from message 33 onwards - the rest makes reference to this summer "#calculatortrendingtopic"...

If it is ever available, I will buy for sure one...I have enough calculator "donors" for frankencalc surgery...

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