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The HP 41CL Calculator

I had the opportunity to purchase a defective fullnut HP41c, in pristine state, a couple of weeks ago. When testing it, in front of the vendor, it was sad to see it was not working. On the other hand, the keyboard feel was excellent, and all ports and battery compartment were in good shape, and I figured that it could at least be a good spare parts source.


This was the unit I got. When seeing how well it felt, I opened it. It seemed that the only problem was the typical one: the screw posts broke down and the circuit did not press enough on the contacts. One fixed, it worked! But now I had something that could be converted in a HP41 CL. So I ordered one unit from Monte Dalrymple. Now it's on its way from the US. I ordered the whole bunch - including the serial connector.

I look forward to experiment with it.

If someone is willing to sell his fullnut 41c, please give me a call - I am interested!

On the other hand, I am looking to get the only thing that the HP41cl comes without: the time module. If you want to sell one, I am interested too!


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