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The HP10bII


10bII_Hero_Shot_-_Hi_ResThe HP10bII+ is a different animal from the different versions of HP10bII. It is a far more complete unit, having lots of scientific functions in addition to the whole HP10bII lot, and several additional financial functions too. 

Among the scientific functions:

  • Trigonometric: Sine, cosine and tangent and their inverses
  • Hyperbolic functions and their inverses too!!
  • Permutations and combinations
  • 2-variable statistics and linear regression
  • Factorial
  • Random number
  • PI
  • Normal and Student's T distributions and their inverses

And then you have the full list of financial functions: cashflow, IRR, NPV, depreciations, bonds, Time Value of Money, and breakeven calculations (this is also a first for this function). All in all, a very complete calculator. Let's not compare it for a moment with the original HP10bII - which was a quite simple calculator in comparison with this one.



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