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Possibility of a new product - query to customers


We have been asked to produce new HP IL cables, and we weould like to know if you are interested.

From a technical point of view is not too difficult - the extreme low speed of the nework make it very simple to make it work - there are no complicated microwave effects to solve. (Hey, were talking of less than 50kHz frequency!!). The issue is to get the connectors, both housings and metal. In particular the metal parts are quite expensive: close to two euros each metal contact, of which each cable pair has 4! And then there is some soldering and finishing required.

The question, of course if you as customers may be interested in it. Please respond to this thread, or send a mail to with your opinion.

By the way: we do have an HP-IL printer if needed. Please remember that if you have the HP-IL module, it doesn't consume an additional port, but instead can be dasiy-chained tothe other items in the HP-IL loop!

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