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Mac Prime Emulator

I am trying to get the HP Prime to work in my mac - again. I have Windows Parallels running XP, and it worked well until the last two firmware versions, where it doesn’t work anymore. I'va been told that I need Windows 7 at least.

There is a HP Prime emulator in internet for MAC. It is based on wine, and you can find it here:

However, it comes with firmware 5447 - a few moons before! It doesn’t have most of the features that we now love about the Prime.

When you try to update the firmware from within the app, it does find a new firmware in the hp servers, it connects to it and downloads it; but when it finishes downloading, it gets out of the app and nothing has been done.

The alternative is to buy Windows 10 (I can’t upgrade for free from XP - I need to have 7 or 8 at least to qualify for the free upgrade). And spending 120+ € for Windows when I have already a Windows PC at work hurts my Mac heart. So I will have to delve in the intricacies of Wine, in order to make it run properly. I understand that it has something to do with the installation of VC++ 2013 libraries, but I need to learn more. I would thank very much an of you that could help me in this ordeal!

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