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Last HP41CL units!

There are three hp41cl circuits on their way to thecalculatorstore. They are the last three units in the current production lot. There won’t be anymore until Monte has another produced again.

These come with the absolutely last firmware, including all the modules old and new (with the powerful Sandmath 4*4 from Angel Martín). One of these units has already an owner - so there are two left.

On the other hand, of the two very early tall key hp41c, one of them went sour. The keyboard seems beyond repair. It works, but it doesn’t have that wonderful touch that made hp early calculators so famous. But there is another tall keys from 1980, which works like a charm!, as well as bodies for the other two circuits.

DSC_7673We are finishing the repair of a couple of classic hp multimeters. One is a hp3478A - the desktop version with hp-ib connector. This is the one you need if you have a 9815, 9825, a computer of the 85 series or even an hp150. We have put new back up batteries so it will keep its setting for another 20 years or so.

The other is an hp3468A. Despite the very similar numbering, this is a portable, hp-il based multimeter, and it is the one you need if you use an hp41c type calculator, or even a hp71b with the hp-il interface.

Both of them have exactly the same features and capabilities and the same screen and button settings, but the hp-ib version has slightly better precision. Both of them can work perfectly in isolation - the interface is a nice feature but not a working requirement at all! And both of the, will be around 220 € shipped to anywhere in European Union. You know that there can be better initial prices in the U.S., but when you factor in all the shipping costs and incoming VAT and duties, then the numbers start to climb.

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