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Another speed comparison for the HP15c Collector's Edition


Let's try another speed comparison for the HP15c Collector's Edition, this time with a financial workhorse for financial duties: the HP12c (original version)

We will compare the time to calculate the interest rate in a long Time Value of Money calculation. The HP12c using its native TVM functions; the HP15c, using the Time Value of Money program in the Advanced Functions Manual (shifted to another place in the program memory - with so much memory I have entered several other programs too in lower memory positions)

The data for the problem:

  • 360 periods (n)
  • 480.000€ initial value (PV)
  • -2050€ payments (PMT)
  • 0 final/future value (FV)
  • Solve for i

There is no general analytical solution for i : there is no alternative for iterative solving ! The HP12c uses an optimized machine-code algorithm, but it has a slow processor, dating from 1981 and running at 880 khz (give or take) - 38% faster than the HP41c. On the other hand, the HP15c is running a keystroke program, using labels and the HP15c's Solve function called from within the program, running the keystroked TVM formula in a loop.

The results:

The newest HP12c is faster than either - but has none of the other features of the HP15c.

So, having entered programs for %T, NPV/IRR (using solve too) and TPV, and despite how comfortable feel the incr%, T% and % of the HP12c, I will take just one calculator with me! Still a lot of memory to solve equation systems oe enter other programs. There is more concern about the label codes left than memory!



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