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An offer on the HP39gII

hp_39gII_Aspen_top_view_hi_res_124In current HP's calculator roster, the HP39GII is a little been overlooked. It is not as professional as the HP50g, and not as fancy as the HP Prime, with its colour tactile screen. If you're an engineer that wants to use the huge number of programs that have been written in RPL for  the HP50g; on the other hand, all software development nowadays is concentrated on the HP Prime. However, the HP39GII shares the same programming model as the HP Prime. Of course, the screen is much better than the HP50's, with several grey levels as opposed to a single yes/no for the HP50g.

Of course, both the HP40gs and HP39gs belong to a different universe...both are very far from the above calculators - and they never were too popular among HP cognoscenti.

Many of you are collectors of HP calculators. For those, we have prepared a nice offer: you can get the HP39GII for 59,99, shipment included. And you can see what the fuzz is about!



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